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Kali's News

Mother's Day -- Part 1

It's been a roller coaster year for the current crop of mothers' of teens. We have no doubt they will be as adults what they already are as teens: great human beings who are loved dearly. It's the process of surviving the pressures of today that is real tough stuff. Never doubt we would gladly do it all over again, preferably with the same great kids.

Mother's Day -- Part 2

To celebrate Mother's Day this year, I am attending an organ recital in town. I would dearly love to hear my own mother play the pipes (or the ivories) and hope someday to get a tape of her playing and enjoying the music she made. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying the sounds of a real pipe organ. The music minister at my church will be one of the presenters. She doesn't need to know I'll be imagining my mother up there instead of her.

Mother's Day -- Part 3

My son gave me the mug he created in art class this semester. It's been a long time since I got such a treasure. "I had to redo it it THREE times!" he complained. I am so glad and honored to know I was worth the effort of three tries. Time and effort is a priceless treasure.

Kali's News


It's back! The view of cosmos seen through a multi-paned window with a background of green is beautifully framed and ready to hang in the basement once we get just a little farther on that project. (Don't ask--I'll get to it ) My sister took the photograph many years ago and won a photography award for it. I asked for an enlargement of it for Christmas. Wait'll she sees what I did with it!

The Grass is Greener

It finally rained last week and made a huge difference in yards around town. Our side yard and backyard are a sea of dry, sandy soil. So Stephen seeded... the back yard. You know, where he plays with the dog whose toenails rip up the ground? The side yard is still barren. The front yard is spotty. But he has been watering the back yard and yelling at the dog to stop tearing up the ground (while he continues to throw balls and sticks for the dog to chase after). Maybe it's me, but I rather thought seeding the front and side yards where the dogs don't go would have made more sense... but then I didn't do the work so I am not really complaining. Honest!

Kali's Views
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Dining Adendum

There are few store purchased insulated lunch bags in view at lunch. No lunch boxes in view at all. What most of the people use for bringing their lunches to work are the straw-handled paper bags used at Yankee Candle, Pier One Imports, the Bombay Company.... etc. Sort of brown bagging it with a lotta class. <g>


We are not allowed to eat in our cubbies at work. All eating is restricted to the cafeteria. But then, we don't eat at work. We dine.

I am currently the WebMaster at Curriculum Associates. It is a lot like a very small clone of ETS (where my sister works) in that the majority of the professionals are female. There are a lot of other similarities but the luncheon dining aspect is truly unique to me. My coworkers use placemats, serving plates, and silverware when setting out their mid-day meals. We don't scarf down microwave meals. We decant them into/onto proper servers and use appropriate cutlery. I find I rather like it. The half-hour luncheon break becomes a ceremony of civilization that restores the soul for the afternoon.


Being a somewhat opinionated person, you would think it would be easy to fill this area. Well--yes, and no. In the meantime while I try to figure this one out, here is a personal favorite, the Bill of No Rights by State Representative Mitchell Kaye from Cobb County, GA.

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