...been there, done that... and it was a blast!
The Trip Report is being written in evolutionary stages.
Check back a couple times to make sure you got the entire novella. <g>

Mayan main glyph - click here for trip report 02hotelroom 04hotelroom 06lobbyfront 12airplants
13chitzen_itza 14chitzen_itza 15chitzen_itza 16chitzen_itza 17chitzen_itza
18eduardo 19chitzen_itza 20chac-mool 23chitzen_itza 25sew_chitzen_itza
26iguana 28chitzen_itza 30lunchdancers 35lunchdancers 38_lobbyceiling
39_lobbyceiling 43Tulum 44Tulum 45Tulum 47TulumBeach
53TulumSEW 54iguana 55roomview 56roomview sign
61xcaret 62orchids 63orchids 64orchids 66theygrowontrees
67xcaretshow 68xcaretshow 69xcaretshow 70xcaretshow 71us-at-xcaret
72xcaret-tourists cenotes 73fishies seatrek_sew seatrek_kali
75xcaret-ballplayer 74xcaret-ballteam ballgame 90beach 88waters
cenotes2 91beach 89internetcafe hotelart2 hotelart3
hotelart4 hotelart5 hotelart6 hotelart7 hotelart1
hotelcourtyard2 moonback moonfront moonfrontdusk moonside
moonside2 museum1 museum2 museum3 museum4
  hotelcourtyard 92laptoplane    


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