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Okay. I admit it. I cheated on this one. Neither of us took this grand image. It is on a mousepad. I am rolling my mouseballs over the various balls on this photo. But I wanted you to see the hip action with the ball. Players could only make contact with the ball using their hips and thighs. The playing field was a fairly narrow courtyard bounded by sloping walls. The hoop the ball had to go through was where the sloping wall met the vertical portion of the wall. The hoop opening was maybe an inch larger than the ball itself. Players worked the ball up onto the sloped area (maybe 15 or 20-degrees?) and hit it through the stone hoop, often dropping down on their hand with legs and thighs extended to hit the ball. Sound confusing? It was. An amazing game. The results of the game often settled judicial disputes for leaders and community members.

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