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Speedo Directions

87N to 84E > 90E > 290N/E > 495N > Exit 33/Rt. 4N > Drumhill Rotary > Old Westford Road > Right on Graniteville > Right on Richardson > Left on Crooked Spring > Left on Radcliffe > 3rd house on right

Detailed Directions

87N to 84E

From the NJ border, I plan about 1.5 hours to reach the CT border. Please be careful around Fishkill, NY as there often are speed traps.

84E to 90E

The trip across CT takes about an hour and 45 minutes. Look for the Clock Tower as you drive through Waterbury. You will see it on your left. No reason, except that I think it's pretty! As you approach downtown Hartford there will be several left exit only thingies. Stay in the middle when possible. The long inclines on hills can be a challenge for some cars. The TA Truck Stop around Exit 71 (I think) is okay. Several clean bathrooms, reasonable gas prices, fast food, coffee, etc. Easy on/off, too! The exit #'s in CT end in the mid to high 70's. They restart at "1" at the MA border. Stay on the same roadway, right after/at exit 3 it feeds you into the MA Turnpike which is Rt. 90.

90E to 290N/E

Get a ticket. Get off the turnpike at the very next exit for Rt. 290N/E. Costs 50¢-- a real deal!

290N/E to 495N

At this point you are approximately 45minutes to an hour from our house. Go through Worcester. The exit for 495N is clearly marked as a hairpin turn on your LEFT. It is.
Map to 11 Radcliffe Road

495N to Rt. 4/Exit 33

On the home stretch! Only 20 minutes or so on this highway. At end of exit ramp, you need to make a LEFT turn. Be patient. It can be done. On the map, the Rt 4 is the thicker roadway intersecting the 495 sign.

All the Way Home

The left turn you just took crosses you back over the highway. You will only be on this a couple miles or so, ending up at the Drumhill Rotary (that's what they call traffic circles up here. Feed onto the Rotary (you do NOT have right-of-way) and follow it all the way around almost. Take the first exit you can AFTER the Rt. 3 N exit off the rotary. This is where you need to look at the map for details.

If you happen to notice, this road is Old Westford Road, but you'll get off it at your first chance, bearing right at school athletic fields (both sides). This road is Graniteville Road. You will immediately pass a sign for the High School on your right, and at the end of the next block is Sully's which is a local ice cream hangout for families and kids/teens. Make a right turn immediately after Sully's onto Richardson Road. Take your first left (one block away) onto Crooked Spring Road. You will pass the Middle School on your left, Penni Lane on your right, Princess Ave on your left. Take the 2nd left onto Radcliffe Road. We are the 3rd house on the right, a brown ranch at the top of a short hill. Tah-Dah!

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