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New Pix to Share!

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Ron, Gerry, Marv and Roxie 9-99Roxie and Angel 9-99

Photos from Ron's Vacation 9-99 and Roxie's Current Pix

Sorry, no photos of the Prune Festival (heck, I didn't get my OWN Pig & Pepper Festival pix this year!) but I am happy to share these from Roxie!

yup. that's me

It could be me... unfortunately.

I never look like what I think I do. Vanity aside, I see one face in the bathroom mirror and quite another face entirely grins idiotically back at me from the image the camera (digital, instant or "reg'lar") caught. It is downright demoralizing!

Stephen Eliot WoodbridgeSOME People take great pictures all the time.

Stephen is a case in point.

BIGger, (but only maybe) BETTER Pix

Susan and her beau (May 31, 1999)

Susan and Mike hung out in the garage listening to a new tape I made per her request. He seems like a nice guy, and spent all of Sunday with us at the BBQ and the beach expedition.

Bruce and Lori Patiently Pose

Lori's new yard is a jungle! Unfortunately, a large portion of that jungle is poison ivy! The rest of the jungle is composed of drifts of daffodils and mountains of unknown flowering bushes, vines and annuals. In an effort to help Lori reduce the extent of her contribution to the "Poison Ivy Preservation League," I contracted one of my worst cases of poison ivy EVER. Please note: dormant poison ivy can be just as lethal as "active" poison ivy!

Jess-the-graduate and ConorJess Graduates with Honors!

Vice President Al Gore gave the commencement speech. In a sea of over 2,000 graduates, we couldn't find her!

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