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Kali's News

Memorial Weekend 1999

I prepared myself for this trip by reminding myself it was holiday traffic and would likely take longer than usual. This attempt at reducing the pressure/stress of a long trip turned out to be totally unneccessary. We made the best time ever! The dreaded/anticipated traffic delays and car crawls never materialized.

Which is not to say that the trip was totally without incident. I drove past Lori's house. Phil snickered and suggested I turn around so HE could show me where it was despite the fact he had only been there twice before...

The evening was spent in reconnections, fast forward blurs of updates on one another, and crashing only to awake 5 hours laters with a glorious and blinding sunrise in my face. I was in Layla's room which gets the first rays undiluted by shades, curtains or other camouflage.

Our Pilot Poses

Into the Sky!

Saturday morning Bruce treated us to a flight to the beach. He "parked" in the Robbinsville airport less than 10 minutes from Lori's new house. I discovered after we boarded that the batteries were dead in my camera, so I was only able to squeeze in a last image or two. So I concentrated on what was out the window. What a great view! This was a totally new perspective from the "top down" that I never appreciated in commercial planes. Lori and I were excited to recognize landmarks as we flew over Lori's house-- we didn't actually SEE the house, but we saw a bunch of stuff around the house and that was good enough!
the pilot with one of the passengers

Next we drove out to the Philly River jamfest. I was feeling confident that now that the batteries were recharged, I was all set to take pictures! Umm... I forgot to load the special recharged batteries IN the camera. <sigh>

The incredible weather of bright blue skies and warm (okay, so it was HOT!) temperatures continued throughout the entire weekend. The music was a mixed bag of good to fabulous and milling mounds of people enjoying it all. There were water pools and wading fountains galore. Everyone was ignoring the "NO WADING" signs. Me included!

On Sunday we drove Bruce to the airport after squeezing in a last round of pix. (No, guys, I am not using the one of me).
2 Bills and a BeautyFrom there we drove on to church where Lori sang in the choir and I managed to get this shot of the 2 Bills.

Water Babies, and the BBQ

Layla and Amanda in the Pool

Layla and her visiting cousin Amanda put together the pool in the back yard (with some help from big sister Erin). The weather was so hot that the freezing cold water actually felt good even to me!

As the girls frolicked, Lori mowed and I vacummed (such busy beavers we were!) The BBQ was set for later that day and we indulged in a fit of cleanliness by washing the cars to cool off. The heat got to Phil so he watched TV.

Goodnight Moon!

A trip to NJ isn't complete without a trip to the beach. The full moon weekend demanded our presence. Once again we got infected with moon madness (some more than others-- ahem!--). Giggly kids and silly adults. My attempt at a moonshot didn't work :( ... You really need a camera where you can set the f/stop and those are beyond us.

Kids on the roof

Monday was the obligatory parade which came almost by the front of the house. What with the street being blocked off for that, we were in with the captive audience of cars. Katie, Kristin and Lisa got comfy on the roof for a great view.

Home again was just as great a ride with no traffic hassles at all!

Look for more pix to show up in the gallery soon!

Kali's Views
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Pollen Pollution

We have only had 2" of rain since April. This exceptionally dry spring season has resulted in a bumper crop of pine pollens. The saffron-colored air coats cars. The golden haze of sunlight is due more to near total air saturation of pine pollens than actual sunlight. After the few and brief rains we have had, the pollens wash down in sticky yellow rivers on the asphalt creating very strange Rorschach images. When the wind blows you can even see the clouds of yellow puffing off the branches.

But today's paper assured me that pine pollens were not the culprit to blame for my swollen, scratchy, weepy red eyes. For that I had to blame unspecified molds also due out at this time.

Just how can they tell?

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