Well, we finally made it :-).

dateline: April 20, 1999

I didn't know if I was ever going to be able to say that!

I'm feeling rather lonely out here in California, and would really appreciate lots of email :-). We have a big house, and a beautiful guest bedroom, just waiting for company. (Just give me a call, so I can get your room ready). :-).

Shasta_house_2.JPG (38970 bytes) Last Saturday morning, Dad was out looking for some rental houses, when he happened upon an "open house" sign. He liked what he saw, and came back to get us. It was a wonderful house, with just about everything we needed. It was in a great neighborhood, centrally located, near shopping and services, and the owner had just reduced the price considerably!
Shasta_house_3.JPG (37478 bytes) Well, to make a long story short, we made an offer on the house, and the owner accepted it. :-). He even agreed to let us "rent" it, for three months, until the paperwork is completed and it actually closes the loan.
Shasta_house_4.JPG (25433 bytes) If you know anyone who would like to move to Chico (change of pace, new lifestyle, change of climate, small town, you get the idea), I'm looking for someone to live here with me, and help me with my daily living activities. I would provide their bedroom and utilities, cable, phone, etc., in exchange for about two hours of work each day. This would be especially nice for a student, since Chico has a very good university.