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Past News, Views & Button Batch Pages

  • May 1999 in which I ramble on about Mothers' Day, grass, and dining at Curriculum Associates, etc. and introduce the now-very-old Button Batch.
  • June 1999 covers Memorial Day, plane rides, pollen pollution and had LOTS of photos!
  • October 1999 No, you are not crazy nor are you missing anything. I neglected to update the site until October 1999. Read up on Susan's graduation and college classes, Phil & football, and our trip to Florida in September.

The Gallery Updates...

but it doesn't change... yet... as the page "grows" both in length and file size, it will be. When that happens, instructions for it will appear here as well as on the main Gallery page.


Kali's Misc.

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Pages I link to or created for this site at one time or another.


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