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Fall Finery

Windows - A Good Thing!

I love stained glass windows. It's a pleasure to bath in their jeweled patterns of lights. Wearing the the rainbow they create on my skin brings smiles every time. Sometimes even purring <g> Mostly I find stained glass windows in churches. Actually, I sortof expect stained glass windows in churches. I used to pity the churches which couldn't afford "proper" windows and had to make do with plain glass. I used to.

God's Glory in Leaves

Then I looked outside our church windows this fall.

Oh! My God!

I could see the glorious splendor of fall through the clear glass panes. I have seen sunsets at evening services, reflected on the bells on our bell table. And I have seen the welcome mist of green coating the air in springtime when leaves are excited into opening after their winter rest. The awesome power of thunderstorm clouds, the swirling dances of snow, sheets of rain... all appreciated (in comfort, mind you <g> ) through clear glass panes.

And I am beginning to think clear glass panes offer the better view of the glory of creation all around us. I still love stained glass windows, but to glorify the Creator, you really should be able to see the creations.

Go look outside. Look now. I'll wait.

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